Google Docs vs Microsoft Word

On a recent Delta flight from Detroit to Seattle, I got a chance to use Gogo inflight internet service.  Here is a Blog about my experience comparison testing between Google Docs and Microsoft Word on my iPad Mini Gen 1.  The experiment is non-scientific and the airplane was over the general area between Montana and Idaho.

Testing Platform:

  • Delta Airlines Flight 2618 (DTW – SEA)
  • Seat 24D
  • Approximate Location: Montana and Idaho
  • Ground Speed: 538 MPH
  • iPad Mini Gen 1
  • Google Drive with Google Docs (free account)
  • OneDrive with Microsoft Word (free account)

I began my test by saving a Word document that was sent to me to my Gmail account.  Naturally, it was easy to save the document to Google Drive and edit it using Google Docs.  The experience was extremely delayed.  I decided to re-save the file format to the native Google Docs in hope that there is some compatibility issue.  The experience was roughly about the same.  Then I wonder, what would my experience be with OneDrive and Microsoft Word.

I forwarded the email from my Gmail account to my account.  Naturally, it was easy to save the document to OneDrive.  I proceeded to edit the document using Microsoft Word.  The experience was fluid and normal.  This is functional for someone travelling using Gogo inflight internet service.

The document I edited was a Word document for my Civil Air Patrol promotion. I did try to create a document from scratch in Google Docs but the experience was similar.

In conclusion, Microsoft Word outperformed Google Docs on my Delta DL2618 flight from Detroit to Seattle on Monday, April 25, 2016.  I sure hope Google will make improvements as I continue to find reasons to use both Microsoft and Google products.  Air travel is essential to get somewhere fast.  Businesses cannot effort to have personnel going offline for hours at the time.  Having Inflight internet service fills that gap.

Mon Boonprohm, IT Systems Engineer – Lead, with over 26 years’ experience in IT. Global Administrator for Office 365 G3 (day job). Super Admin for Google for Enterprise (volunteer job – Civil Air Patrol) I am by no means paid by any software and system vendors mentioned in this blog to write this article.  This is solely intended for sharing my personal experience. I would appreciate hearing from you.  Please give me comments and feedback.


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