How to Connect PowerShell to SharePoint Online


  1. Have access to SharePoint Online as Administrator (Global Admin or SharePoint Online Administrator. Don’t already have access? Get free try for one month at
  2. Install the Windows PowerShell 3.0 from Windows Management Framework 3.0
  3. Install SharePoint Online Management Shell
  4. Know your tenant name.  You will need to use it in step 3 below.


  1. Launch Windows PowerShell or Windows PowerShell ISE
  2. Execute cmdlet Import-Module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell -DisableNameChecking
  3. Connect-SPOService -url https://<tenant> (you will be prompted for your Office 365 credential.)
  4. Get-SPOSite should show all Site Collections provisioned.  If not, something did not go right for your in step 1 to 3.

Congrats, you now have access to all SharePoint Online PowerShell commands to manage SharePoint Online in Office 365.


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